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Unlock Your Potential!


We inspire students to surpass their own academic expectations. Our distinctive methodology fosters the confidence needed to actively embrace what is often perceived as one of the most challenging subjects in school. We take pride in witnessing students consistently advance to higher academic levels and secure admission to their preferred universities. Our achievements are not only reflected in their academic outcomes but also in the heartfelt testimonials we receive. Many of our students have discovered a newfound passion for Mathematics, leading them to pursue exciting careers and fields of study they had never contemplated before.


We regularly review and adapt the way we teach, staying relevant to the world around us.

We constantly research course specification and examiner’s reports. We’re experts at trend-spotting and drawing parallels between topics.


We teach Mathematics at all academic levels.

We work to build each student’s confidence and give them the courage to ask questions in class.

Our tutors build a solid foundation for learning the fundamentals, and then train student’s to become competent problem solvers.

Image by Anoushka Puri


We have vast experience and exposure to all levels including 11+,13+, KS2-KS3, GCSE and IGCSEs, A-level and Further Maths exam preparation. Our tutors are passionate about delivering lessons in a professional, engaging manner.


For GCSE and A levels, our tutors have developed expertise in the new linear model for Edexcel, AQA & OCR, introduced in 2017.


At the Maths Mentoring Academy, we understand the new specification inside and out. We know exactly what examiners are looking for. Our main focus is ensuring that students have a deeper understanding of the topics, which gives them an edge during the examination process.

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